Meet the Monkeys

Carly Phillips Carly Phillips would like to take 100% credit for all her stories but the truth is, Carly’s strength is writing family, emotion, funky elderly people and animals. She couldn’t plot her way out of a paper bag, which is why she smartly found her plotmonkey pals early on in her writing career. Thanks to their support, Carly is now a NYT Bestselling author of 40 plus novels. Because writing doesn’t keep her busy enough, Carly is also a wife, a mother of two daughters, and the primary care giver of her dogs, one Wheaten terrier named Bailey and a Havanese named Brady.

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Janelle Denison finds it hard to believe that it’s been nearly 25 years since she first started writing romance novels. At first, it was a way to pass idle time while her husband worked swing shift, but before long it became an obsession to get published. Luckily, she kept at it (it took her over 5 years to get that first book published!) and is now a Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, and USA Today Bestselling author! Now, after selling over 45 plus novels, she finds that her Plotmonkey pals help to keep her stories fresh and unique, and she can’t imagine writing a story without their input. Janelle lives in Oregon with her husband, Don, along with two teenage daughters that keep life interesting.

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Julie LetoBy all reports, Julie Leto was a sweet child once, somewhat shy, preferring to play quietly in her room making up stories. However, being raised with three brothers in a loud, primarily Italian household did have its influences and Julie discovered her inner tough girl. That’s probably why most of her heroines kick serious butt. Writing sassy heroines has worked out, as she’s sold over forty books to four publishers featuring strong, confident women. She’s currently embracing independent publishing under the moniker, Bookgoddess. (Did you know Leto was a Greek goddess? Now you do!) Julie lives in Florida with her daughter, a spoiled dachshund, a haughty lynx-point Siamese and a wide range of relatives all within driving distance.

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Leslie headshotLeslie Kelly used to say she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, but then she discovered Nancy Drew books. Being a flashlight-under-the-covers-nose-in-book reader

throughout her childhood, she couldn’t think of anything else she’d rather do as an adult than continue to lose herself in fictional stories. Her real life marriage of 27 years to the man of her dreams is a constant reinforcement that happily-ever-afters really can happen…and that they’re worth writing about. Living in Maryland, Leslie spends her non-writing time laughing a lot with the above-mentioned romance hero and their three daughters. Though an author of more than forty sexy, contemporary comedies, she also has a secret life as the writer of dark romantic suspense under the pseudonym Leslie Parrish and futuristic thrillers as Leslie A. Smith. Can you say split personality? 


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The Plot Monkeys!

Julie, Janelle, Leslie, Carly

Carly, Janelle, Julie, Leslie

Leslie, Carly, Janelle, Julie

Leslie, Janelle, Julie, Carly

The gang all dressed up for the Harlequin party:
Janelle, Julie, Leslie, Carly