Interview with Alyssa Day!

Posted by at Dec 20, 2012 7:19 am

Today, instead of a standard blog, I’m posting an interview with super-star author, Alyssa Day, who happens to be a friend. It all started on Twitter (the interview, not the friendship, though that is a good lead in to the questions…)

JL: How did we meet (honestly, how did we meet? I don’t remember. Was there booze involved? I don’t think there was…I have a vague recollection of a mutual friend introducing us…)

AD: Mutual friends introduced us and our eyes met across a crowded bar; our hearts palpitated; it was love at first sight!!

JL: What’s your favorite thing about me?

AK: Your brilliance, your beauty, your benevolence–I’m not sure how to narrow it down, but it begins with a B.

JL: Maybe it’s book! Speaking of which, what *is* your favorite book of mine? I’m sure everyone is dying to know!

AD: Every book with the word LOVE in it. But I’m a particular fan of my girl Marisela.

JL: Oh, wait, is this interview supposed to be about you? Darn. Okay, then…what’s your favorite thing about YOU?

AD: My ability to get through this interview sober . . .

JL: Why would you want to do that? Well, if you insist. (pushes tequila aside, clears throat and pretends to straighten pajamas)…What is your favorite book that you wrote?

AD: The one I’m working on next is always my favorite; that’s the one that exists, crystalline in its perfection, in the twisted corridors of my creativity. And I really, REALLY love Heart of Atlantis — Quinn and Alaric blow the walls out with their explosive passion.

JL: Oooh! I’ve already downloaded my copy and can’t wait to read it…though after all the editing process, I suspect you won’t be reading it again now that it is out. So … what is your favorite book that you’ve read?

AK: You’re a writer – you know I could never answer this in a thousand years. I have far too many favorites. But two old favorites are ANGELA’S ASHES and A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN – I grew up in poverty and these books reached inside my heart and staked their claim. A recent favorite is GONE GIRL–my mind often goes to a very dark place that I’ve restrained thus far in my writing, in order to reach HEA, but I may indulge in that side of myself soon. I feel almost as if this brilliant, painful book gave me permission.

JL: You’re finally home in our lovely state (after a military-sanctioned stint in Japan during a tsunami) and yet we haven’t met up for our often-talked about but as of yet unplanned brunch. Two and a half hour drive and single motherhood aside, why is that? (I’m asking about me again, aren’t I?)

AK Because I am a loser friend. Also, my kids have gotten sick so much they should name my doctor’s waiting room after me. Also, I suck.

JL: ::beep:: Wrong answer! Because “staying home and writing” is not the life of leisure people sometimes think it is. We shall do this thing someday soon, though! Okay, now on to the real hard questions. I got a query from a reader via Twitter…it demanded I ask about Jack’s series. I have to assume it was a demand because it included four exclamation points. So this is serious…what’s up with Jack? (Because let’s be real…I love me some Jack.)

AK: Jack, my lovely were-tiger Jack. He got his heart broken when Quinn chose Alaric over him, and he has had enough of playing on the national stage, so he steps down as co-leader of the North American revolution and skulks off to a private investigations firm a distant relative left him. Many hijinks ensue! It’s a paranormal mystery series, and I hope the first will be out in 2013.

JL: If you could possess one thing and one thing only, what would it be? (Husband and kids and pets don’t count…it would be cruel for me to make you contemplate not having them and I’m a lot of things, but cruel isn’t one of them.)

AD: I don’t actually care about things. I am the least sentimental person in the world; if someone came to cart away everything I own tomorrow, I’d shrug and think “less to dust.” So this is a sadly pragmatic answer, but probably my phone (which has an e-book app!). Or maybe my set of Firefly DVDs. Tough choice!

JL: Last, but not least…what book is out now that we can all buy and what is coming next?

AD: Heart of Atlantis!! Quinn and Alaric finally together!! Atlantis finally rises!! Much crazy adventuring!! Romantic Times Book Club nominee for best paranormal romance of 2012!! Next will be a novella related to the series, Alejandro’s Sorceress, as soon as I can figure out time for this indie thing, and then THE CURSED, the first in my new League of the Black Swan series!

JL: Any other question you’d like to answer that I didn’t ask?

AD: Nachos. With extra jalapeños.

JL: Fun? I hope so!

AD: You’re always fun, my darling!! Let’s make that get-together happen!!

Thank you, Alyssa, for indulging in my silliness…so, Plotmonkey readers, have any questions you’d like to add? Also, go forth to your preferred bookseller and buy her book!

Also, I have a new collection up for Kindle or the Kindle app starting today…it’s called KICK ASS: A BOXED SET. If you’d like to sample my work, this is the way to do it…three previously published books for only .99!


8 thoughts on “Interview with Alyssa Day!

  1. 1

    Welcome Alyssa! Very excited to have you in the jungle. Fun interview (drunk) girls! :groan:

  2. 2
    Liza says:

    Welcome to the jungle, Alyssa!!! Such a fun interview.

  3. 3
    katie says:

    Welcome to the jungle!

  4. 4
    Sue G. says:

    :rotfl1: Less to dust! That made my day! I hate dusting too!


  5. 5
    Ardie says:

    Ladies. Thanks for brightening up my morning. This little conversation is just what needed!

  6. 6
    Paula R. says:

    This made me smile. Thanks Jules! Welcome to the jungle Alyssa! Oh to be a fly on that wall.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  7. 7
    Pamiam says:

    Such a deal. I’m checking it out

  8. 8
    judy says:

    :lights: :bigxmas: :decor: Merry Christmas to everyone.

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