Carly’s #WOL2 Begins on Twitter 3 PM Today

Posted by at Dec 7, 2012 9:19 am

So what is #WOL2? WEEKEND OF LEGEND 2 – I write, you win. It’s that simple … OK not really but here goes!

As I explained the other day, WEEKEND OF LEGEND 2 (from here on out known as #WOL2) began as the brainchild of authors Lauren Dane and Megan Hart. ack in August they held a weekend-long writing frenzy, during which they gave away prizes, involved readers in the creative process, and of course got tons of work done. She’s doing it again, and now there are more of us involved. This is a TWITTER ONLY event so here’s’ who to follow this weekend on Twitter so you can have the chance to participate (more on that below!)

Carrie Lofty
Jerri Smith Ready
Carly Phillips
Lorelie Brown
Lauren Dane!

Here’s the main info you’ll need –

1. this is a TWITTER contest so yes, you will need a twitter account to play. And this is a fun chance to test out Twitter if you’ve never tried before, so go get an account! It’s free. To be entered in the contests we’ll be running all weekend you will need to @ reply one or all of us and be sure to use the #WOL2 tag so we can find the responses among all the others to separate out to choose a winner. My twitter is You can refer to this post for which authors are in but as long as you have mine and #WOL2 you’ll be fine.

2. My goal for the weekend is 12,500 words (50 pages). I’m working on PERFECT FLING, Erin’s story (sister in Perfect Fit) and I will be checking in every 1500 words to keep me honest ;), randomly tweeting questions (what color should my heroine wear, need a name for secondary character, etc. — yesterday I Googled at what point in a pregnancy are women horny … now imagine if I’d just asked you all that on Twitter?!) and awarding prizes randomly – prizes will include Amazon GC’s, gifting books, an iTunes gift card, etc.) At every 5,000 word the prize gets bigger, and when I hit 12,500 the winner will get a full set of Carly Phillips Serendipity series signed books including an ARC of Perfect Fit which isn’t out until next month. If I pass my goal … big prize (undecided!)

3. All of us will be running random contests as well, so keep an eye on that hashtag! #WOL2

4. The #WOL2 contest will run from noon pacific/3 eastern, TODAY Friday Dec. 7 through midnight Eastern Sunday, Dec. 9.

5. Contests will be open to international entries unless otherwise indicated (iTunes has geographical limits, for instance)

Good luck and we’ll see you on twitter this weekend :)




3 thoughts on “Carly’s #WOL2 Begins on Twitter 3 PM Today

  1. 1
    Nicole M. says:

    This sounds like so much fun. I just joined Twitter last month and am still trying to figure it out. :roll:

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with you guys this weekend….

    Finally going to Disneyland and I’m sure my husband will NOT be happy if I kept checking me phone every 10 minutes…. :(

    But good luck and have fun writing…. And to answer your question, I was sick the WHOLE time I was pregnant, so that never happened for me…..

  3. 3
    judy says:

    :wreath: :bigxmas: :bigtree: Not sure I did it right on twitter. I have trouble with it or it is just me.

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