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Posted by at Nov 27, 2012 6:00 am

One thing I love about living back up here where I grew up is the “small town” celebrations for the holiday season. No, my hometown isn’t very small anymore, but the beautiful downtown area really goes all out to provide that feeling, with everything from candlelit tours of some of the older homes, to carollers on the streets to carriage rides. This week, the cultural affairs office is hosting a popular annual event where residents compete to win a prize for the best gingerbread and holiday flower arrangements. They also, apparently, want to sell some books…and have asked me to come and autograph some of mine!

I was tickled to be asked, because I really do love these types of holiday events. But I’m so non-creative, the only gingerbread house I could ever master consisted of a school lunch milk carton, some graham crackers and icing! So YAY that I get to participate in my one creative way!

Do any of you live in communities that still have these types of holiday festivals? What’s your favorite?

PS: If you’re anywhere near Frederick, Maryland, the signing is this Thursday, November 29, at the Cultural Arts Center, from 5-8 pm!


14 thoughts on “Holiday Events

  1. 1
    Liza says:

    I’m in Nashville, so small-town doesn’t really happen here. However, Franklin, TN is about 10 miles from me and they love to do festivals. I think the Christmas one is next weekend and they will do a Dicken’s Christmas. They shut down the roads in downtown and all the local vendors set up booths. So much fun!

  2. 2
    katie says:

    I live in a “small town”, which is now a suburb of a bigger city. It’s more of a ‘bedroom community”. We’re like you, the town likes to think that we are smaller than we are. Our mayor has to hold down another job to pay the rent, even though being a mayor is a full time job. Poor guy. What’s funny is that even though we are a small townish, we all know each other (pretty much), it’s a small town in that sense.

  3. 3
    Ardie says:

    In the town where I live that have a Hometown Christmas Parade. Lots of homemade floats and a craft fair. The same night, as the parade, they light the Christmas tree. Lots of great family fun.

  4. 4
    Connie Fischer says:

    When we visit our son and his family in the Asheville, NC area for Christmas, we like to visit a huge and old hotel called “The Grove Park Inn.” They are open for visitors to come in and tour the floors of beautifully decorated Christmas trees and intricately made gingerbread houses. It’s always a special thing to do.

  5. 5
    Sue G. says:

    Every year our city decorates town square (even though it is a piece of land shaped in a triangle!). It is always done the day after Thanksgiving and anyone can show up and help. When my girls were in scouts we would go and help out. Now that they are all teenagers they are too lazy to get up early and help!

  6. 6
    ev says:

    Next weekend will be the annual Troy Victorian Stroll. Carolers dressed up in Victorian Garb. Vendors.
    It brings in people from all over. We have been revitalizing the downtown and there are many small businesses that will be open then too. Our farmer’s market moves indoors and is probably the largest in the area. And we are still a small town, even though we are called a city.
    And my house has become part of the unofficial Xmas lights tours. I really need to get finished on it too. Oops.

  7. 7
    Donna M says:

    I do live in a small town, it is a little over 11,000! We have a town square or plaza with boutique shops, tasting rooms, restaurants etc. around the square. The Friday after Thanksgiving is open house for all the shops. They are all decorated with Christmas glitter & gifts, lights, etc. The square/plaza has a tree which is decorated & lights at night. The gazebo in the plaza is also decorated with lights. Lots of people here in town & visitors are out walking around the square so it is very festive, sometimes to crowded but it is a fun, social evening. I usually go with a neighbor across the street. Many of the shops have cookies, candy, cider & in some cases wine for the people out & about. There is music in several locations. This year they had activites for children in the plaza from 4-6 pm. Later in the Christmas season some of the B&B’s in the area have an open house. That is kind of fun because you are not going to be staying there when you live in town. It is a nice chance to see what those pricey rooms look like. One of the B&B’s was the hospital at one time. Most of them are Victorians with some kind of history. One of the bakeries in town serves breakfast & lunch, they feature breakfast with Santa for two or three weeks before Christmas, only on Saturday & Sunday ( I think reservations are a must)! So as you can see there are all kinds of events going on. In fact, more than I have listed!

    Are we going to get some Christmas emoticons? Pretty please. :batteeyes:

    If I was in your area I would come to get your autograph. :batteeyes: 8)

  8. 8
    Laurie P says:

    I live in a big city, but we still have enough small town thing we can do within neighborhoods. Local craft fairs, festivals and parades.

  9. 9
    Kathleen O says:

    I live in a small city, and I lived here a couple of years before I discovered we have Sparkle in the Park. The local Rotary Club, transforms our Riverside Park into a winter wonderland of lighted Chritmas and holiday scenes. It is so much fun for kids and adults. We have beautiful carosel that the kids can ride with Santa. I have a couple of great nices and nephews now who are going to get such a thrill this year to be able to ride it with Santa.. We have pizza and fixings at my house before heading out and then come back to my house for dessert and gifts.. It is a fun time and something that I hope will continue as long as the kids are interested.

  10. 10
    judy says:

    :hugging: Are town has changs over the last year. It will never be the same. They are making it to fancy.

  11. 11
    Leslie says:

    Sounds like there are somme lovely Holiday events happening all over!

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