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Sorry…I’m writing the final chapters of my new Marisela book and I totally forgot to post. I’ve shown you all the cover right?

I can’t upload it for some reason…so how about an excerpt?


(Fair warning…the language (actually LANGUAGES) is a little rough…Marisela has a potty mouth.)

Chapter One

Marisela Morales had a secret.
To keep the information under wraps, she’d lied to everyone from her sainted mother to her best friend, Lia Santorini, who, up until now, had been privy to Marisela’s every misdeed, from the first time she planted a brown recluse spider in Sister Graciela’s habit in third grade to the time just six months ago when she’d shot a man because he’d manipulated a woman she admired into committing cold-blooded murder.
She hadn’t gotten caught for either offense, proving that if there was one person she could trust, it was Lia. But tonight, she wasn’t taking chances. To pull off this Christmas surprise, she had to rely on the only person who could expertly lie,, even to the people she loved—herself.
Since Lia was working late on the second floor of the old cigar factory her bosses at Titan International had converted to a satellite office, Marisela had to use some of the covert skills the security firm had taught her to escape her third floor apartment unseen. She trick-wired her alarm system, slipped out of her window, slid to the second floor fire escape and then vaulted, feet first, to the patch of thick grass below.
She swallowed a guttural umph and remained crouched while scooting out of the pink glow from the security light. Spying no movement inside, she blended into the thick hedge, avoiding the covertly place trip-wires that would signal the office to an intruder, dug the toe of her boot into a break in the mortar of the ten-foot high brick fence and bounded over. This time, she landed with a loud thud, but from this point, she was free and clear. Hours ago, she’d moved her car to the parking lot of the Puerto Rican barbeque joint around the corner. She was just about to press the button on the fob of her keychain when a voice snapped through the pork-flesh scented air.
“And just where do you think you’re going?”
Marisela had her gun out and leveled before she connected the wryly pitched tone to the unyielding, but familiar face.
“Coño su madre, Lia. One of these days, I’m going to shoot you,” Marisela snapped, re-engaging the safety and then holstering her gun beneath her jacket.
“Don’t you dare curse my mother, you dirty, lying thief.”
“Thief? I’ve never stolen anything in my life.”
Lia arched a perfectly sculpted brow. “Care to discuss Michael D’Angelo’s virginity again?”
Marisela snorted. “I didn’t steal his virginity. He was offering it to whatever chica he lured into his backseat. Besides, the comemierda had a prick the size of a snausage. Is that what you wanted for your first time?”
Lia tried to maintain her scowl, but her lips twitched. Marisela pointed and laughed, once and loudly, at her friend’s inability to stay mad. Marisela’s brief betrayal back in high school, shortly after her gut-wrenching break-up with her first, and so far, only love, had cost her a week’s worth of talking to her best friend, but in the end, she’d saved Lia from having her first sexual experience with a guy who couldn’t adequately fuck a Barbie doll.
What were friends for?
“You haven’t answered my question,” Lia pressed.
“Ever think there might be a reason for that?”
“That you’re trying to avoid telling me where you’re going? I know you’re not on a case. I got an email from Brynn and Ian as their yacht crossed into Lamaire Channel. Titan is officially closed for the holidays. You have no open cases and no reason to sneak out of your apartment when you were supposed to have left three hours ago to drive your parents to Orlando for that food expo to meet Aarón Sanchez.”
Marisela groaned. Whenever Lia talked in long sentences peppered with undisputable facts, she was unstoppable. If she started using big words, Marisela could kiss her Christmas present good-bye.
“They made it there in time to sample his ceviche,” Marisela replied, struck for a moment by how dirty that sounded when said out loud.
“I know. They called to ask if they needed to tip the driver you hired.”
“Why did they call you?”
“Because you weren’t answering your phone.”
Marisela didn’t bother to check her phone. Her parents constantly called her old number, no matter how many times she programmed her new one into their phones. “I tipped the driver. I told my father three times.”
“And how many times did you tell me that you were going with them?”
“Just the once.”
“Excuse me? I helped you order the tickets. We talked about this a dozen times.”
“You talked about it,” Marisela reminded her. “I just nodded and hummed.”
Lia’s frown returned. Then she started tapping her foot.
“Look, I didn’t let you in on my surprise because it’s a surprise for you, too.”
This was not entirely true, but it wasn’t so far off that Marisela had to employ any special skills to make it believable.
“Now you’re just bullshitting me.”
“Would I bullshit a bullshitter?”
“You do it every day,” Lia countered. “And I don’t bullshit except when I’m paid to. And right now, we’re both off the clock. Brynn and Ian are floating somewhere off the southern coast of Argentina. Max is, well, Max is somewhere he won’t reveal and will be incommunicado until after the new year. You should be in Orlando with your family, not asking for trouble that if you get, you’ll have no one to save your ass.”
Marisela nearly choked. “Since when do I need someone else to save my ass?”
She unlocked the door to her Camaro ZL1, an early Christmas present to herself, and cursed when Lia positioned herself so that she couldn’t back up unless she was willing to turn her best friend into road kill.
“Tell me where you’re going,” Lia insisted.
This is what she got for convincing Brynn hiring her once the mayor hit his term limit? “To pick up my parent’s real Christmas present.”
“Which is?”
Marisela didn’t have time to deal with the fireworks that were going to go off when she told Lia the truth. Not unless she did it in transit. Resigned, she opened the passenger door.

Have you read the first two books? Are you looking forward to the third? I am! I’m almost done!!! It will be out soon…


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  1. 1
    katie says:

    I read the first one, but don’t know why I didn’t read the second.

    Don’t worry Julie about not posting. My brain is in a tizzy today. Have too much to do and a sick dude.

  2. 2
    Liza says:

    Totally planning a re-read of the first 2 books before book 3 comes out. Looks like I need to do so soon. :)

  3. 3
    Nicole M. says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt. I have the first book, but not the second, yet. Hope everyone had a Happy Wednesday!

  4. 4
    Donna M says:

    Hi Julie, :waving:

    I never did read either of the books. Somehow missed out on that! Maybe I will catch up since a third is coming out! :reading:

  5. 5
    Paula R. says:

    I can’t read it yet. I have been waiting too long to be teased like this…lol! So excited about book 3. WOOHOO!!!! I love Marisela and Frankie.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  6. 6
    Julie Leto says:

    I failed to mention that Dirty Little Secrets, book #1, is FREE today (Thursday) for your Kindle or Kindle App!

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