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Like many Americans, I did not get a lot of sleep last night. Unlike many Americans, it was not because of the election. I did not watch any coverage…the ballots were cast and I have no interest in watching political pundits and newscasters guess about the outcome. I’d rather wake up and see how it all played out. So if you candidates won, congrats! If they lost, my condolences. But there is good news for all of us: IT’S OVER! (Why was I up so late? Helping my daughter study for a test on Ancient Rome and then reading Roxanne St. Claire’s BAREFOOT IN THE RAIN…which is wonderful!)

But now I can go back to watching TV without the DVR so I don’t have to scroll through commercials! (Okay, I’ll probably still do that because I hate commercials.) I don’t have to ignore my land line when it rings (Okay, I’ll probably still do that, too…my voicemail on my phone actually says, “If you really want to talk to me, send me an email.”)

But the bottom line is this: it’s done and we can all get back to reading books!

On that note, I have a FREE book for those of you who read on a Kindle or a Kindle app (which is also free!) It’s the third in my Phantom series…KISS OF THE PHANTOM.

First, I love this cover. The look in the guy’s eyes is so intense and perfect for my hero, Rafe Forsyth, a cursed half-Gypsy with a dark secret. Rafe is probably one of my favorite heroes ever. He has a dark past, but isn’t too brooding. He’s resourceful and funny and more than a match for my heroine, Mariah Hunter, a female Indiana Jones who is on the run from some seriously dangerous men. And though it’s the third book in my series, I think it can stand alone (though it’s better read with the other two…which are currently on sale for only 99 cents!)

In the paranormal realm, my books are kind of paranormal-light. There’s definitely magic, but it has rules and consequences. (Insert Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin’s reedy voice saying, “Magic has a price, deary!”)…there are no vampires or zombies or complex world-building needed–not that these things aren’t awesome…it’s just not in this book. There’s tons of action, hot sex and probably the most emotional storyline I’ve written in this kind of book. It’s very contemporary, so I hope you’ll give it a try…it’s FREE!!

Speaking of dark, brooding heroes…who is your favorite on TV right now? There are so many to choose from! Oliver Queen on ARROW is my current fave…great backstory, super-kick-ass, adorable as all get-out. Hook on ONCE UPON A TIME (though I’m so glad Emma turned the tables on him last episode…she’s such a fabulous heroine…very much like my Mariah.) And if you don’t watch TV, what about books or movies?

Yes…the perfect way to spend our post-election day…talking about MEN!

(The link above takes you to a website that has other FREE books as well and where you can also enter to win a Kindle!)


13 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. 1
    Liza says:

    You listed 2 of my favorites on tv right now. I also really love the guy playing Sherlock Holmes on Elementary. He is snarky and totally nails the part.

  2. 2
    katie says:

    Thank you, Julie, for making your books available for free. I was up late last night, but I was watching the results (I missed the first parts because I was with my dude at scouts).

    • 2.1
      katie says:

      Whoops, I forgot to answer the other question. My favorite tv guy? Hm…love Richard Castle (and what they are doing with Castle), love Hook (in kind of a ‘he freaks me out, but in kind of a good way?” way” from “Once Upon a Time”, love Deacon from “Nashville” (the husband I always thought was kind of swarmy, ick), can I also enjoy Gilles from “DWTS”?

  3. 3
    Paige Nieto says:

    I got all three awhile back…still haven’t read them all though LOL. As for dark brooding heroes probably one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters. Zarek or Valerius perhaps as I find them :hothot:

  4. 4
    Marcie R says:

    Now maybe I’ll get my actual mail and not the junk. I didn’t get a magazine or a bill this month because of all the ads.

    Fave TV guy? I’ve been watching Castle again after not watching last season.

    • 4.1
      ev says:

      I didn’t have the tv on yesterday except to watch Haven on DVD and clear off some stuff on my DVR. And ignore the phone.

      I’m writing this while I watch Arrow. Loving it!! I think one of my fave TV broody guys is Michael on Burn Notice.

  5. 5
    Donna M says:

    Julie, I loved your Phantom series! I still have all three books. This new cover is good but the first one was quite yummy as well! :batteeyes:

    Who is my favorite guy on TV now? Hmmmmmmmm! I kinda like the guitar player, song writer on Nashville. Stilll a Castle fan. My brain isn’t hitting on all cylinders at the moment!! Or so it seems. Right now I’m reading Lori Fosters latest & the H is pretty yummy.


    I did watch the election returns last night but I also cooked dinner, was on the computer from time to time & read some along the way! I’m glad I stayed up to watch the president give his speech. I thought Mitt Romney sounded like he was still campaigning!! Like you I am soooo glad it is over! Of course, like I’ve been saying now it will hit us hard with holiday ads! In fact, I got a Christmas catalog in the mail yesterday!!! I’ve been screening all my phone calls. Maybe that will stop now. :thumbsup:

  6. 6
    ev says:

    I didn’t have the tv on yesterday except to watch Haven on DVD and clear off some stuff on my DVR. And ignore the phone.

    I’m writing this while I watch Arrow. Loving it!! I think one of my fave TV broody guys is Michael on Burn Notice.

  7. 7
    Martha mckenna says:

    I love Patrick Jane from the Mentalist, Simon Baker is amazing.

  8. 8
    MamaKitty says:

    I love me some Captain Hook, but Prince Charming is the one I fawn over on OUAT. And Mr Gold, if I’m 100% honest.

    Jonny Lee Miller is playing Sherlock Holmes perfectly on Elementary and I’ve adored him since Hackers.

    My favorite dark and broody hero is from a show that hasn’t been on the air in a while – Spike from Buffy the vampire Slayer. He didn’t start out as a hero but he ended up one and I loved him from the start.

  9. 9
    MamaKitty says:

    Ahhhh! HOW CAN I NOT SAY DAMON SALVATORE??? I blame not having my coffee yet when I originally replied. Damon is my ultimate #1 sexy brooding hero.

  10. 10
    Pam S/pams00 says:

    thanks Julie love your heroes :)!

    I am also watching and liking Arrow so far! — others on the list Supernatural (what’s not to love about Dean and Sam?), started Beauty and the Beast and liking it too.

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