I can SEE!

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(Carly in for Julie today!)
OK this is a “Carly” story and by that I mean long, involved and it happened to anyone else would have wrapped up much faster. Just be warned! :fryingpan: This may be my longest blog ever …

When I was sixteen, I got my permit and my driver’s license. Where I live (then and now) kids are so excited to get their license, all they want to do is drive, especially once they are allowed to drive at night after dark. Whenever we’d make plans, I’d let my friends do the night driving. One day, my parents asked me why – since I had access to a car. I remember telling them, I don’t want to tell you because then you won’t let me drive at all, but … because I can’t see very well, especially at night. OK maybe most kids would have thought to mention this but to me, I thought it was just the way it was. My eyes. Mom made an eye doctor appointment and low and behold, I needed distance glasses! (You can stop laughing at me now. I’m just getting started! When we went to pick up my eye glasses (and I remember this like it was yesterday) I slipped them on, looked out in the distance and said, “Oh my God there are spaces between the leaves on the trees!” :groan: I could see. Back then I didn’t have to wear the glasses except to drive. Over the years, this has changed to the point where I put my glasses on when I get out of bed and don’t take them off until I go to sleep. I did wear contacts for awhile but allergy and dry eye and in the end, glasses are just more comfortable. Also I’ve never been totally comfortable driving at night but I do it when I have to. Still, I would drive my husband crazy because he likes alcohol on the weekend if we are out for dinner, I abstain, and yet I won’t be the designated driver. Just can’t do it.

Fast forward to four months ago. As I’m driving, I realize as I look into the distance, the two lanes (mine and the other) are converging into one. I CAN’T SEE to drive. Day or night. But this is the only time I have a vision issue. So I make an eye doctor appointment, explain things and he checks me and increases my prescription. As this is a normal thing on occasion, I make up all sets of eye glasses, including buying a new pair of frames (regular and sunglasses) with my prescription at the store within the office. A week or so later, I pick up the first pair that is ready, try them on, they seem fine and off I go. Except within two days I know – these are no good. They are too strong and I’m having more problems than I did before. Back to the shop who says, no worries, make an appointment with the doctor. We’ll deal with the glasses (in other words they’ll eat the cost). Very nice! I make an appointment, can’t get one for two weeks, go back and I suggest (after talking to mom), a prism. Oh, he says, and looks at my file and realizes five years ago he gave me a very mild prescription for one for the same problem, rechecks my eyes and writes up a new prescription. I hand it in, they make up one pair of glasses, a week later I go back, put them on, I can’t see out of them at all. Completely blurry. :fryingpan: No worries, the nice guy at the shop says, I’ll talk to your doctor. My doctor suggests I see an optician (he’s an optometrist) in his practice. I make an appointment – two weeks away. In between, my doctor calls me and says come back in. I do, he checks, fiddles with prescription, I cancel other doctor, hand in the prescription, they make up the glasses, I put them on, and in my gut I know they aren’t perfect but keep in mind a) I’m feeling like a PITA; 2) I’m driving WITH ONE EYE CLOSED b/c that is the only way I can see two lanes; and c) I think maybe it’s all in my head and I’ll get used to them. And after a week or so, I decide it’s as good as its going to get, make up the rest of my glasses with this prescription. You know, the extra pair of eye glasses in case mine break b/c my prescription takes so long to make, and sunglasses.

Oh!!!! I forgot to mention that from the beginning of this ordeal four months ago, I can’t see up close and now need reading glasses. Because I am migraine and eye sensitive, we decide no, we won’t make bifocals (which seemed like a good thing once I started having all the above issues) so I’ve ALSO purchased READING GLASSES with my prescription because I also have an astigmatism which means I can’t just buy the 1.25 over the counter readers like the rest of the world. So in between, I’m putting on readers, taking off distance and visa versa. All the while I’M FEELING BLIND!

Fast forward to one month ago. I’ve had it. I just can’t see and I am back to driving with one eye again. This time I decide I’m not going back to my eye doctor, I’m going to the optometrist in the practice that he recommended. I make an appointment. I go in. I’m practically weeping. :boohoo: HELP ME! She is amazing, checks, rechecks, rechecks, rechecks – and says – wow. You are really cross eyed (not to the naked eye but enough to explain my situation – I’m not CRAZY! (yeah yeah I hear you, that’s debatable). Anyway, she says, your eyes are so strained, I’m getting different readings each time. Go home for a few weeks, wear your readers ONLY except when driving, rest your eyes that way, come back I’ll recheck you and write you a new prescription. Now mind you I’m still praying one day I can see, but I agree. Which means, I’M STILL DRIVING WITH ONE EYE CLOSED – and I do tell the doctors this.

I go back in two weeks, all excited to finally be able to see (knowing I’ll still have to wait to have glasses made up – another expense) – and they don’t have me in their appointment book. :ohno: The doctor is running behind and I can wait (it’ll be awhile for her to squeeze me in) or I can come back at 3 PM. I opt for 3 PM. I go back, and she works with me for over an hour. In the end, she suggests that I do BIFOCALS – so I will have distance, reading, PRISM and astigmatism correction all in one eyeglass BUT if it works, I will always be able to see. :threecheers I’m skeptical but at this point, what do I have to lose? So I hand in the prescription, and of course the new frames I bought are too narrow to hold my whole prescription – but don’t worry, they’ll take back the frames I bought 4 months ago and take money off the new ones. I’m already in this for a small fortune so I’ll take what I can get. I leave, telling them please rush these glasses if they can, and I’m praying when I put them on in two weeks I can see or else I’ll be mortified AND up the creek. I leave, STILL DRIVING WITH ONE EYE CLOSED except I realize if I wear my reading glasses to drive, I can sorta see, not have to shut one eye, and just not read road signs. OK I can live with this. The doctor said do what I have to in order to get by.

Finally the day arrives, the glasses are ready! I go in and put them on, keeping my eyes closed the whole time, praying and afraid to open them and be completely dizzy and have to start all over again. Finally, finally I peek. Guess what? I CAN SEE!!!!! :cooldance: I’m not dizzy. I’m not like the rest of the world that takes a month to get used to the no line bifocals, it’s just all one world WITH SPACES BETWEEN THE LEAVES ON THE TREES!. I’m in heaven. I give it some time, make sure and call to order my prescription for my other glasses. Except I realize, the nose pads on the new frames are KILLING me, they hurt and they are making huge indentations in my skin. Yes, you guessed it, back in I go. He loosens them. Within a few hours I know they’re worse. I call. He says I can replace with silicone ones. (Why didn’t he tell me this to begin with?) I go back same day and he replaces the pads. I realize within 24 hours, no better. I call and he says, no worries, come PICK OUT A NEW FRAME. No I am NOT NOT kidding. Back I go. I pick a new frame knowing I have to make do with the old ones until the new prescription that fits the frames comes in … except somehow something goes right and he is able to pop the lenses from the hurting frames into the new frames – and I can walk out that day with new glasses that don’t hurt!

So now I can see. The world has opened up for me. I realize how bad my vision was before because I can see distance while driving, I can see the dashboard, I can watch TV and read at the same time. I am LOVING life.

Except for what it took to get here. IF you stayed with me through the end of this blog … THANK YOU! :flowers4you: You must be a glutton for punishment like I seem to be! Just kidding.

So … do you wear glasses? Distance or Readers? (Doesn’t it SUCK getting old? Even my manuscript font looks small!) And if you wear both, do you wear bifocals? Progressives (no line) or the ones with the line? Or do you constantly swap glasses? Trust me when I say whatever you do, if it works for you, I can relate because nothing is more personal than fitting a pair of eye glasses. I’ve learned that the hard way!


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    ev says:

    Oh dear, sounds like the problem I am dealing with right now. I’ve worn glasses for reading since 4th grade and I just went in last month and got new ones and some are working and some aren’t. I need to go back this week and do some exchanging and tweaking.

    I can’t wear the progressives. I can not move my head to read which is one of the things you have to learn to do with them. I am an eye mover only. Moving my head gives me worse head and neck aches. Besides, they give me vertigo. So I have to take the progressives and just have regular driving glasses made, and I love the frames, so I was disappointed that I won’t be wearing them all the time. Although my reading glasses lens wont’ stay in the frame….

    I have an astigmatism in each eye so even tho I still wear cheaters, I need a bit stronger ones, so at least I have some all around the house to wear when I need a pair. I did get a pair for computer and reading, but again, I only use the computer part- going between makes me sick.

    The Polarized sunglasses I got for driving I really like but sometimes I get a headache- dull throb- when I wear them. I wonder if they might be a bit strong.

    Explain what a prism is please!!!

    And here’s NYStates newest idiocy- you no longer have to have an eye test to renew your license. It’s on an honor system. To save time and money renewing. I wonder if we will be able to sue the governor for stupidity when someone gets killed by a driver who wasn’t wearing glasses to drive and should have been?

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    Paula R. says:

    Hey Carly..oath Keith you. Thank Godi don’t have a first period class….lolololol!!! So glad the new glasses are working for you. Silicone pads so gentle. Um…maybe you won’t have migraines as frequently because of the new all in one script. And, your hubby would be really gratefully if you could be the designated driver every once in a while now. Have a great day everyone!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

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    Liza says:

    I’m extremely near-sighted and I have an astigmatism in one eye. So much so that my eye doctor told me I might never even need readers. I wear contacts most of the time. I do love my newest pair of glasses. I’m usually a couple of prescriptions behind my contacts with my glasses, but my vision hasn’t changed since I got these a couple of years ago. I can even wear my glasses to work when my allergies are really bothering me.

    FYI, I can’t even see the alarm clock next to my bed without my glasses on or my contacts in.

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      Donna M says:

      I’m pretty blind without my glasses! I function around my apartment because I know where everything is!! Every once in awhile I get distracted & start to climb in the shower with my glasses on!! :lol: :ohno:

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    kris says:

    congrats on being able to see! i wore glasses starting in 6th grade, switched to contacts FINALLY in high school. in my mid-30’s the eye doc told me i was wearing them too much (all the time!) and my eyes were starting to deteriorate. laser vision correction was recommended, but it took me 3 yrs to get up the nerve to do it. it’s been about 8 yrs since i had it done (it’s been AWESOME!!!), but now I’m having a bit of trouble reading. they had told me that usually happens around the 10 yr mark, that you end up needing reading glasses. i’m going to hold out as long as i can!!!!

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    Gail Nichols says:

    I just gout glasses 2 weeks ago. The progressive kind I am far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other-with astigmitism.I was feeeling really old and I was getting upset so I called my mother.The only thing she said to me was “Next thing it will be your teeth.Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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      ev says:

      I hope they work for you Gail. I have not been able to use them all- they give me a major headache. I have the same problems- distance in one, near in the other and astigmatism in both. Am actually thinking of trying contacts- a different one for each eye.

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    katie says:

    I have worn glasses since I was a teen. I can’t see distances, but I can read fine without them. So, now that I turned 40 a year ago (my husband is having the same problem and he just turned 40), I continually flip up my glasses. If I wear them when say, having dinner with my husband, I get a headache because it’s just too close. I must wear them to drive. My eye doctor says my eyesight is getting better, but it’s getting more frustrating, since I constantly put my glasses down and forget where i put them.

    My middle guy wears glasses that are pretty strong. THey take FOREVER to make. They have to send them to a special place in the country (yeah, love it). I always tell my babysitters if my guy falls, save him first (definitely, he is worth a lot more than a pair of glasses), but quickly save his glasses, too. All five of us wear glasses.

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    Silver James says:

    Oh, Carly, I feel your pain! I have distance/reader bifocals–plain and sunglasses. I have mid-distance/reader bifocals for working on the computer. (I have to get my monitor and/or laptop set at just the right distance or I can’t see clearly.) I have single-vision distance for watching TV in bed at night and for night driving. My last appointment, I have the first signs of cataracts in both eyes. Driving at night is getting a little scary but I can still do it so long as I’m familiar with the area. Getting old is a pain. :hairpull: And speaking of eye doctors, I’m off to take The Only in for a check up with her corneal transplant surgeon.

  8. 8
    Kelli says:

    Nope to both reading and distance glasses. I had LASIK surgery 6 years ago. I had the worst vision before that and had to wear contacts or glasses. That surgery was one of the best things I did. My vision hasn’t changed at all the past 6 years. Glad you can see again Carly!!

    • 8.1
      Carly says:

      JEALOUS!!!!! I wish I had the nerve for that surgery. I doubt I’d even be a candidate w/my eyes!

      • Kelli says:

        It’s really not that scary. They give you good drugs to help you relax. Took about 3 miniutes per eye. The worst part is the retractor thing they use to hold your eye open. That and hearing the thing that they use to cut your cornea with. I love not having to wear prescription sun glasses.

  9. 9
    CateS says:

    Vanity Vanity… my name is Vanity… I have the progressive kind I am far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other-with astigmitism.. All I can say it take a close look at your mother… that is you in the coming years.. Yes and I’ve been dealing with the teeth issue for over 10 years & while I’ve moved around the state, I’ve continued with the same periodontist .. In a word to Katie — get yourself some of those glasses hanging thingies for around your neck… Or you will be mocked in later years by your children & their spouse as my mother was… She’d walk into a room and ask if anyone had seen her glasses & we’d just start to laugh… she’d moved them up on top of her head… Some time after my mom died, one of the sons in law.. said, “IN honor of her, lets all move our eyeglasses appropriately…” which we did and the laughter continued!!!

  10. 10
    Tricia says:

    I also had lasik almost 5 years ago and I will say it was the best thing I’ve done. I started wearing glasses right before my 21st birthday. My eye sight was getting worse every year. Finally when my eyesight was at -.325 and -.375 I made the decision for Lasik.

    I can see!!!!!! I did have one major set back last year because my vision started to change. I cried and was sooo upset. Then in Febuary 2011 I was finally diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic and now insulin dependent. Once I was able to control my blood Sugar my vision returned back to normal.

  11. 11
    Sue G. says:

    I am the oldest kid in my family and neither of my parents wore glasses. When I was in the first grade my school gave eye exams to all kids. My parents were told to get my eyes professionally checked. Needless to say I needed glasses. My mom said she felt bad because driving home after getting glasses I was making comment about things I had never seen before!

    Now 35 years later I tried to get Lasik and was told my eyes are too bad. I have the 2nd worst Astigmatism they have ever seen. Now mind you I went to the Cleveland Clinic Eye Institute which has some of the best eye doctors around!

    So, I am still wearing glasses, but have now moved on to progressive lens bifocals! My distance eye sight will never be 20/20. I’m more like 20/40 even with corrective lenses. I’ve tried contacts and they gave me headaches because of drying out. I had to wear semi-soft lenses because they didn’t make a soft lense that would work for my prescription!

    As for glasses, I can only get frames that are on the smaller side because the bigger the lense in the frame, the thicker the lense and the more distortions I see, thus more headaches! During the 80’s and 90’s I used to wear children’s frames!

    So I can completely understand your frustrations!


  12. 12
    Ardie says:

    I have been wearing contacts since I was a freshman in college. The lens that I have now are very werid. My right eye is a len for nearsightedness and the left eye is for farsightedness. It sounds very strange, but it works for me. I also used “cheaters” for some reading. I do have glasses but when I can only wear them to see things far away. If I try to do something up close, I have to take them off. I have thought about having lasix surgery, but I am the world’s biggest chicken when it comes to having someone doing things to my eyes. (vomit icon inserted here)

  13. 13
    Quilt Lady says:

    I wear no line bifocals and I am having problem reading right now. I don’t think they made the bifocals strong enough in my last glasses. Doctors seem to set them up at 12 to15 inches aways and I like things closer. My arms are short and getting shorter all the time.

  14. 14
    Donna M says:

    Congratulations on going through all that but finally being able to see! :applause: That is awesome.

    I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 19 (now I am 71!!!). In the beginning it was only for reading & work at the bank. My eyes got progressively worse and I’ve worn glasses full time for more years than I can remember! I’ve had bifocals since sometime in the 80’s. It was an adjustment for just a day or two. My glasses are always a bit of a problem when I am using a computer especially when I was still working. My eye doctor is the best because he has always kept me in glasses that work for me. He is a good doctor & has a wonderful sense of humor. An appointment with him is always fun! Several years ago he found at my yearly exam I have the beginnings of cataracts but they haven’t progressed. I’ll have surgery when it becomes necessary. I’ve never tried contacts as I have no problem wearing glasses. I really don’t understand why people fight wearing glasses, it is important that we each see clearly. My glasses are photograys which eliminates the need for sunglasses. I’ve been wearing them for years, love them! My head is small which eliminates my selection when choosing frames as some are just to big. Children’s are to small!!
    Carly, you are not the only one that can post a long blog. :D By the way, I started Serendipity last night. :reading: Great so far. Can’t wait to really sit down to read.
    Okay after all this talk I can hear “On a Clear Day you can see forever” running through my head!!! :batteeyes:

  15. 15
    PatriciaW says:

    Progressive lenses. Near-sighted with astigmatism in both eyes. Night vision never has been good. But my vision is changing. Lately, I’ve been taking my glasses off to see things that are close to me. Sigh.

  16. 16
    Phyllis says:

    I first got glasses in about 5th grade. Hated them. In high school, they told me I really only needed them for reading, so I hardly ever wore them even for that.

    I should back up: Like my mother, I have one eye nearsighted and the other farsighted and astigmatism in both. So basically, I can see clearly from one eye at all times, though things are a little warped around the edges. I have no depth perception. I’m naturally a bit of a klutz anyway, but when you can’t see the edge of the step or how close that ball is to your face, it’s even worse.

    So by college, I needed glasses all the time. I never even tried contacts because I can’t even think about shoving my fingers into my eyes.

    And fast forward another 20 years and my far vision didn’t pass the state test so I have to wear glasses while driving. Now my near vision is going and my arms are too short to read small print, especially in dim light. Oh, and maybe my night vision is getting worse. With the astigmatism, I can’t wear the cheap readers from the grocery store.

    And my glasses are fairly old.

    So it’s easier for me to read a book by taking my glasses off and I sit at more than arm’s length from my computer screen.

    Bifocals are coming soon. SIGH.

  17. 17
    Barbara Elness says:

    It is hell getting older, that’s for sure. I wear contacts because I’m extremely near-sighted, but when I’m wearing them I have to wear readers to see close up because I’m losing my near vision, except when I don’t have my contacts on. Then I can see close up really well, but only through my right eye because it’s worse than the left one, etc. I can’t wear bifocals because I have a lazy eye, which doesn’t adjust quickly enough for me to be able to switch back and forth between the two lenses. I can definitely sympathize with you on the whole eye thing, it’s no fun.

  18. 18
    Mary G says:

    Since I’m in the optical business, I’m cringing. It’s so frustrating and there are many variables, which is why they keep trying till they get it right.

    It’s ironic that now that I can afford Lasik, I will probably need reading glasses eventually. After our forties even near-sighted people will need lenses to see close. I’m lucky, right now I just need glasses for distance & take them off to read. The problem comes when I’m wearing glasses and I have to read a label in a store or something. I’m peering over the top of my glasses.

    My friend tried monovision by accident. She tore a contact and was watching TV with one lens in. She picked up a magazine & realized she could read well. Now she keeps a contact in the weakest (for distance) eye only. I asked my doc about that but he says that vision is not as crisp and since I play tennis & need every advantage… lol.

    I tried bifocal contacts but I couldn’t see to put my makeup on LOL. I figured out later that I hadn’t given my eyes time to adjust. Our eyeballs get less reactive with age like the rest of our body parts.

  19. 19
    Eileen says:

    I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade when I was finally able to read the board. Over time my astigmatism has worsened & it’s hard to see without wearing my glasses. I now have no line progressive bifocals that I love. I can still find small frames that will fit the lens & look good on my round face. My oldest daughter was found to have astigmatism & far-sightedness when she was 5. She remarked, back then, “Wow, everything isn’t wavy”. So much for being a “good” mom. Glad you can “SEE” Carly.

  20. 20
    Pamiam says:

    I recently got progressive lenses. Before I just used Target specials for reading and I had an old prescription pair of bifocals that I used for night driving. I’m not sure I like the progressive ones. I have tried to read with them but the sides of the pages are blurry unless I turn my head a little. I spent waaaaaay too much on the frames but thought if I was going to be wearing them more, I might just spluge a little(or a lot ). So now I wear them for driving at night and wear the cheapies to read. I also got a pair of sunglasses but didn’t get progressive thinking I didn’t need them except for driving since they are only good for distance. Duh. :groan: Should have thought I might want to sit outside to read. Oh well. Live and learn

  21. 21
    Diane Sadler says:

    I am so sorry for you! What a trauma…

    I’ve been wearing glasses since a was a teen and now I have bifocals; love them, they are wonderful. I don’t need to put one pair on and take the other off, I always have them with me since they’re on my nose. I even have sunglasses for them wit little magnets.

  22. 22
    Martha Lawson says:

    Hi! I know what you mean!! I’m blind as a bat myself. I wear contacts, but I also have to wear reading glasses. so far, the drugstore readers work! My doctor tried to put me in contacts for astigmastism, and I couldn’t see a thing..It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see clearly. I also have dry eyes and sometimes think of going to glasses, but I swear they would be coke bottle thick!! Hubby says no way. Glad you finally got everything straightened out.

  23. 23
    Kathleen O says:

    Carly I can so relate to your vision problems. I have been having problems since 2009 when my retina detached and the surgeries that followed. I still am waiting to have my last cataract done. The retina detachment has left me with very little peripheral vision is that eye. We are still watching the left eye, because it also could detach..

    After I had my first two surgeries, the retina and cataract in my right eye, I was giving my prescription for new glasses, and like you when I put them on I could not see.. The option told me to wear the glasses for awhile and if they did not correct my eye sight then we would go back too my optometrist and get her to check me over. I did this, and when in a few days I could not see properly, we went back to have me checked out. they adjusted them and now I can see okay. But with a cataract in my left eye ripening, just lets say to err on the side of caution, I don’t drive…
    Of course my car went caput shortly after I had the last surgery, so that is the other reason… Can’t afford to get another one..

    Oh I will never take my vision for granted again. But at least I can read a book with out putting it down every few minutes trying to focus.
    That would have been a killer…

  24. 24
    Marlene says:

    Yeah it really sucks getting older I can’t read anything not even the paper without my glasses. I wear progressives only, I learnt that the hard way I tried bifocals the lady said your gonna hate them but me being cheap person that I am tried them. I went back 2 weeks later and paid for the progressives. I looked so stupid I was picking my feet up high and stumbling my husband was like stop that I said I can’t it looks like the grounds higher. It was not a pretty site, funny now but not then. I have a bad eye that gets cysts thanks to hurricane Katrina it constantly acts up so I have to wear glasses or I always manage to get something in it and hear we go. Its embarrassing to forget your glasses and be at walmart or somewhere and can’t read the fine print on anything.

  25. 25
    Michelle in NJ says:

    Carly, It’s impossible NOT to love your stories! I have distance glasses. Will not wear contacts because I don’t want my eyes to get used to them. Also if I wear the glasses while reading, I get a headache and it’s blurry. I needed them only for night driving and seeing a movie or presentation. Now I need them to watch tv. I am long overdue for an eye exam but am nervous for the results. If I wear them while watching tv, I look over them or under them to read. It’s annoying. If I wear them while day driving, I feel the same as you. Wow there are spaces between the leaves. Or I say wow this is what the world really looks like! But I need sunglasses. I am so prone to migraines that it’s too bright during the day to wear glasses and drive. I’d rather wear my sunglasses and not see the spaces between the leaves – lol.

  26. 26
    Jeanne Miro says:

    Carly –

    Your story sounds familiar! I didn’t need glasses until I was in my late 20’s (at which time I blamed in having having children and reading too many books to them!). I only needed them for distance which meant I was forever putting them someplace and would have to search frantically to find them before I left the house and had to drive somewhere.

    Many years passed and I started having to wear them more often and went to a progressive lense but still didn’t need them for reading until alas I was diagnosed with retinopathy (I’m a Type I juvenille diabetic) which means you get little floaty things and need laser treatment to blast them away) but fortunately they caught it quickly and I only needed one more treatment a few years later. Then one day I noticed my sight getting cloudy – yup – cateract surgury was next! Before surgury I only needed glasses for distance and driving but after surgury I could no longer read without glasses. Talk about not being able to see anything clearly close or far!

    I decided to sit back and decide how I felt about that and I realized I was thrilled that I live in this century! If either of these problem had happened even 15 years earlier than they did I might be blind now so thank you modern medicine. No problem wearing glasses! I can see to drive, see to read and see my grandchildren! I love glasses and modern medicine and my opthamoligist!

  27. 27
    Ilona says:

    I have both Hyperopia and Myopia :(

    This means a different pair of glasses for reading and for everyday doing things. I get double vision without them and the eyes are too different to wear varifocals so I switch glasses all day. I can tell you this much, it’s hell trying to watch TV and read a book at the same time (can’t just look up to catch a news item for example).

    My biggest problem though is I am a true scaredy cat and won’t go for laser surgery to correct at least one of my eyes. :ohno: Guess it’s glasses for me until the end :roll:

  28. 28
    TrishJ says:

    I stuck with you. I have progressive lenses and love em. When I got my first pair I was amazed that the telephone and electric lines were round. Before glasses everything looked flat. I live in a 3D world now. ;)

  29. 29
    karen says:

    :ohno: I’ve worn glasses since I was in grade school, bifocals sometimes and other times, plain ones. But this latest prescription I don’t know if its working but its getting me by. Last winter, I went for the eye exam at this doctor thats in the famous glass place (begins with Lens….) and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had for an eye exam. The ladies who were running the place that day could barely speak english and they kept trying to get my eye positioned on this machine that I think was supposed to do the glaucoma test. I’m leery of machines like that so each time they tried to line up my eye on what felt like a copier, I freaked out and moreso, when they had the machine go ‘pop’.

    Anyways, at this place where you can usually get your glasses in an hour, I too had to wait for the lenses to be mailed which resulted in not getting my glasses for a couple of weeks. The glasses are supposed to have no lines bifocals but for some reason, I seem to be able to read better when I use the top portion of the lenses. I’m not going back to that eye doctor and it may be longer that I go back to that famous eye place too. :groan:

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