The summer blockbuster!

Posted by at May 7, 2007 6:00 am

Anyone who visits this blog probably knows I’m a movie nut. (So are the other monkeys!) But I have to say I have a special fondness for the summer blockbuster.
So, yes, I (and my family) helped contributed to the $148 million triumph that was Spiderman 3.

We all liked it a lot. Tobey Maguire is one of those guys I just can’t figure out. He looks so boyish and geeky and…nondescript sometimes. Including as Peter Parker. Then he puts on that suit and WHOA. The black Spidey suit was especially hot. I liked the special effects in this one (and I am usually NOT a big fan of CGI graphics.) But the sandman stuff was way cool. And the ending of this one really took me by surprise. So, a thumbs up on Spiderman 3.

This summer promises to be an especially expensive one. We’re already making plans to go see Shrek 3 in 2 weekends, and Pirates 3 the weekend after that. We’ve penciled in the new Harry Potter, The Transformers, Fantastic 4 part 2, and others.

There’s just something about going to see the big movie when the rest of the world is first seeing it, too. I don’t want to hear people talking about a movie I’m dying to see…I want to be the one talking about it!

I remember when Titanic came out, we not only went on opening day, we checked my older daughter out of school early that day so she could come with us! (She was in elementary school!)

Ditto with all the Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings movies. My kids probably should have had another designation on their “excused absence” slips: summer blockbuster day!

But it goes back further. Not quite to what is generally credited as the very first summer blockbuster…that was Jaws. And I was not allowed to see it. (It has since become one of my very favorite movies.)

But I definitely remember seeing some major movies on opening weekend.

I was not a Star Wars manic like Julie…in fact, I didn’t even get to go see the movie until the summer after it came out. (My Dad finally took me and my brother…he wasn’t (isn’t) much of a sci fi fan.)

But I did go to see Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi within a couple of days of their opening.

I stumbled onto Raiders of the Lost Ark and had to go see the sequels the moment they came out. (2nd one…blech….3rd one…YAY!) Was drooling and rabid to see Terminator 2 and Aliens! I think I’m seeing a theme—the sequels are the ones that suck me in!

But there were a few originals that grabbed me, too…like Independence Day. And Jurassic Park! (Loved the book so I was just dying to see the movie, which was quite different but also very satisfying.)

Funny, the blockbusters that I saw right when they opened are among my “must stop” movies. Does anyone else do this? I can have a DVD or a VHS of a movie I like sitting right on my shelf…yet if I’m flipping channels and I stumble across one of them, I will STILL stop and watch it! Commercials and all! I’m like this particularly about Jaws, Raiders, Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow, National Treasure, Signs, Alien(s), and more.

So what about you? Anybody else really excited about the upcoming summer blockbusters? What are you looking forward to…and what are your “must stop’s?”


47 thoughts on “The summer blockbuster!

  1. 1
    Julie Leto says:

    Independence Day was the first movie I bought on DVD. We never saw it in the theatres, but our TV is HUGE, so it was a wonderful experience. God, I love this movie. It is so exciting…and any movie that can make Jeff Goldblum sexy…well, it’s amazing. Loved him in Jurassic Park, too. But I’m such a wimp, I never could have seen it in the theatre. I have to fast forward!

    I, too, hated the second Raiders…walked out, actually and played video games in the lobby until my friends were done. I. Do. Not. Do. Bugs.

    This summer…it’s all about Potter. In fact, you’ll see that on my blog Wednesday!!! (If it doesn’t get preempted for a Chicago recap!)

    I have many must-stop movies. Those you listed…definitely. Also, Gone With the Wind, Steel Magnolias, That Thing You Do and anything with Antonio Banderas. :wink:


  2. 2
    Stacy ~ says:

    I’m totally looking forward to “Pirates 3”.

    I can’t remember the first movie I bought on VHS or DVD but I love the action movies.

    My stops include “French Kiss”, “King Arthur”, “East of Eden”, “Wedding Singer” and “Say Anything”.

  3. 3
    ev says:

    I stop for any John Wayne or Carey Grant movie. Most musicals too. And I think I own most of them on DVD.

    I am looking forward to all the same new releases, but also Die Hard 4. I love the Die Hard movies and wait for that famous line- Yipeekiay MFer…

    We are going to Pallisades next Saturday to see Spidey in Imax. That’s my mother’s day present to me.

    We have a really big hd tv too- the very first thing I put on was the original Star Wars. Ahhhhhh………:thumbsup:

  4. 4
    Liza says:

    I think I own all my favs on dvd, but always watch (even with the commercials) when they come on tv. Independence Day, National Treasure, Steel Magnolias(actually anything with Julia Roberts), all Harry Potters, and the original Star Wars are my must watch(love that thing you do too, but not on tv very often). My brother also saw Spidey this weekend and is going back next weekend too. I agree that this will be a very expensive movie summer. I need to see Spiderman 3, Harry Potter(buying as soon as they go on sale), Pirates 3, Shrek 3, and Fantastic Four 2(seems like there are only sequels out this summer).

  5. 5
    Cail says:

    i can’t wait for Harry Potter 5 and Pirates 3. Also a few of the other movies this summer look to be a ton of fun.

  6. 6
    Leslie says:

    Sounds like we all have similar taste in movies!

    Julie, I forgot That Thing You Do…I will definitely stop for that one.

    Ev–I will often stop for musicals, too, but I’m a bigger fan of stage shows than movie versions. But if Brigadoon is on, you know I am *there*.

    And DITTO on Die Hard! I LOVED those movies (except the 3rd one.) We actually watch the 1st & 2nd ones every Christmas. (They are holiday movies, after all. :D

  7. 7
    katie says:

    My little guys are eager to see “Ratatoille” from Pixar (they LOVE John Lasseter’s movies…we’ve made him millions in merchandise, movie tickets, etc). Very good way to get my oldest to the movie theater.

    Other than that, my four year old would LOVE to see “Spiderman”, but we think it is just too old for him (he loves Spidey). He’ll have to settle for the ad on tv.

    If there is a romantic comedy on tv, I will find it. I watch those, commercials and all.

  8. 8
    Jodie says:

    Must stops: Top Gun, once the vollyball scene is over I can move on, Independence Day – During the race yesterday when Kasey wrecked I started laughing and said, “Look at him, his ship all baaangged up – :lol: (hubby saw no humor in it) and National Treasure, although we have that on DVD we still always stop. Pretty Woman – seen it a thousand times and have the tape but still stop (and still cry at the end!!!).

    Hubby and my oldest son are really the movie people. I usually just go along with whatever they want to see – but refuse to see anything sad (see earlier comment re: Pretty Woman).

    My oldest has seen every horror and action film ever made. He’s obsessed with them like I am books and searches the internet to find all the old ones that aren’t available to rent anymore. Hmmm…I guess like I do books.

    My most exciting movie theater experience: When I was in college and dating my ex, he worked at the movie theater. We were in an armed robbery and handcuffed to the urinal. So not cool…..

  9. 9
    Debbie says:

    My husband is the movie nut in our family. He continually watches the Die Hards, Polica Academys, Batman/Spidermans….It is so frustrating, since our taste is not the same. I either pick up a book and listen to the t.v. or I go to the back room.

    Personally, I love Drew Barrrymore and she is my must see and msut stop. Although, the kids and I can’t wait until Shrek 3 opens.

    Sigh….My dh and I have been married 11 years and he has NEVER taken me to the movies. Eithei I go with a friedn or the kids or I have seen a large amount of movies alone.

  10. 10
    Jodie says:

    The Grinch!! How could I forget the Grinch as one of my must stops?!? Hubby is usually pretty good through the first 5 or 6 times I watch it during the holidays, then he puts his foot down and says, “Enough.” Then I have to watch it while he’s at work. :lol:

  11. 11
    Janelle says:

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Spiderman 3, Les! I’m anxiously awaiting Shrek 3, Pirates 3, and Harry Potter! All in all, it’s going to be a good summer for movies! :thumbsup:

  12. 12
    Robin says:

    I’m also anxious to see all the sequels – Pirates, Shrek, Fantastic 4, Harry Potter, Die Hard – plus Oceans 13 and The Bourne Ultmatum (love Matt Damon).
    Leslie, How about Hairspray? It’s got a great cast and John Travolta – that should be fun to see!

    Happy movie-watching everyone! :cooldance:

  13. 13
    Leslie says:

    Robin, I am definitely going to see Hairspray! Such a cute show…and with John Travolta in drag, it’s a do-not-miss. :D

  14. 14
    Leslie says:

    Jodie–I didn’t even mention Christmas movies…yikes! I will always stop for A Christmas Story and It’s A Wonderful Life.

    And Debbie…time to get your hubby some gift certificates to movie theaters for his birthday! Think he’d take the hint? :lol:

  15. 15
    jeannie says:

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Pirates has been fun too.

    I still remember seeing Flower Drum Song with my Grandfather at Radio

    City Music Hall in NY City. When I was young Carousel and South Pacific

    were really great. I have always been a big fan of anything King Arthur-ish.

    Ben Hur, Russel Crowe’s Gladiator, Last of the Mohegans, Brave Heart,

    Moby Dick, Casablanca and anthing Fred Astair or Gene Kelly. Then there

    is White Christmas for a holiday movie.

  16. 16
    Liza says:

    I totally forgot about Hairspray and Oceans 13. Can’t wait for those too. I do also stop for most musicals on tv, especially The Sound of Music. ABC Family played it over and over one weekend not too long ago and I think I watched it ever time it was on.

  17. 17
    kim h says:

    dont go movies much but probably rent things

  18. 18
    jeannie says:

    I’d like to Thank the PlotMonkeys, (Specifically Julie today ) I just got “Double the Pleasure” I didn’t have it and you definitely doubled my pleasure with a signed copy from the anniversary week.. Thanks so much!:love2: jeannie

  19. 19

    One word…PIRATES! Can’t wait for the end of the month. Until then, I’ll have to fill my time with Shrek and Spiderman. ;) Later in the year, it’ll be Harry Potter, Transformers, and Die Hard.

  20. 20
    Donna M says:

    Guess I am the lone none first day opening of a movie!!! :) I prefer to wait until it has been on a week or so! I’ve never seen any of the Pirate movies, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman or Harry Potter movies!!! I hate watching favorite movies on TV with commercials–drives me crazy! If it is playing on a PBS station then I will watch. Love musicals, the movie variety. I have only seen a couple of stage versions when they played in San Francisco. I love movies just don’t have that drive to see them when they first play!! :) Isn’t that what makes life interesting that we are all different! :) :wave:

  21. 21
    Tina Martinesi says:

    Must admit I’m not a big Harry Potter fan:hide: but I’m looking forward to Shrek and Pirates.
    Movies that I can never pass on are Tombstone, Home Alone (the first 2, hated the third) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, That Thing You Do, any Adam Sandler movie, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and my all time favorite Christmas movie, which I’ll watch any time of year is White Christmas.

  22. 22
    Leslie says:

    Oooh, Tina…Tombstone was just on the other night. And despite having it on DVD and VHS…yes, we stopped to watch! (It was right before the shootout–something about those long coats just makes me quiver. )

  23. 23
    BadBarb says:

    JAWS scared the crap out of me when I saw it.
    I think my fav all time summer movie has got to be GREASE, I saw it ten times when it came out.

  24. 24
    Tina Martinesi says:

    Julie, Just wanted to thank you for my autographed copy of Dirty Little Sectrets, it came today and I can’t wait to start reading it tonight!:thankyou:

  25. 25
    jeannie says:

    “Long coats make me quiver” .)

    Leslie likes the bad boys, Leslie likes the Bad Boys.:happy2:

  26. 26
    Julie Leto says:

    They’re called dusters (long coats) and they are HOT.

    You’re welcome Tina! I’m glad it arrived. Thanks for letting me know.

    I can’t believe I forgot Ferris Bueller…especially after this weekend in Chicago!!

  27. 27
    Jen says:

    I saw Spider-Man 3 yesterday and I agree, it was really great! My must-see blockbuster summer movies are (unsuprisingly) the same as yours. I’m DYING to see Pirates of the Carribean and Harry Potter though!!!

  28. 28

    i’m not big on the Spiderman franchise; however, I am ready for Pirates 3 and Harry Potter. Hairspray looks good too!

    The one I really want to see doesn’t come out until August – Stardust. Clair Danes (a shooting star), Michelle Pheiffer (the evil witch), and Robert DeNiro (pirate of a flying ship). It is a paranormal with witches, etc. I loved Michelle Pheiffer in LadyHawk. That was a great movie too!

  29. 29
    Tina Martinesi says:

    Quiver…..:happy2: I love that word…lol

  30. 30
    katie says:

    I so forgot about Ocean’s 13 coming out…..With Bobby De Niro, too. WHEW….be still my beating heart.

    I think my boys are also looking forward to SHREK (my four year old just got some snickers miniatures with green, yes, green nugat…kinda looks like snot…..only a four year old would love it!).

  31. 31
    Jennifer Pace says:

    My kids and I are all geared up for the summer blockbusters Shrek3,pirates3,and Harry potter.

  32. 32
    Cherylann says:

    We are going to see Spiderman Sunday.

    I can’t wait for Shrek 3, Harry Potter also.

  33. 33
    Carol R says:

    I went to see Independence Day and I was completely blown away. I have the movie on VHS and when I bought a DVD player I bought it on DVD. I still get goose bumps when Bill Pullman makes his speech about Independence Day.

  34. 34
    Stacy S says:

    Shrek3, Harry Potter and Pirates 3. Those are the ones I’m waiting on. Probably some more but can’t think of any right now.

  35. 35
    Leslie says:

    Okay, Julie, Bruce has to make a minor quibble. As an official SASS member…complete with head-to-toe cowboy ensemble including a fabulous, SEXY Australian duster, he says that the coats worn by Wyatt and his gang are primarily frock coats, but during the OK Corral scene, Wyatt is wearing a Rifle Frock.

    Umm…whatever. They were HOT. :D

  36. 36
    Tina Byrd says:

    Leslie, you said that you weren’t allowed to go see, “Jaws.” I wasn’t allowed to go see, “The Exorcise.” But some how my best friend and I found someone that was over 18 to take us without our parents knowledge.

    I can remember everyone being frighten. They were sinking down in their seats and screaming. :hide: But we thought that it was so funny, we laughed our butts offs when Linda Blair’s head started spinning around.:happy2: Needless to say that everyone was annoyed with the two of us.:doh:

    But I have a question for all of you out there. Does anyone remember a movie named, “Aloha Bobby & Rose?” It was a romantic, comedy, drama movie and the story line all happen in one night. They played Elton John music all through the movie. It came out probably around the early 1970’s.

    This was one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen. I laughed and cried all during the movie. But I can not find one person except for my sister that remembers this movie. I have looked every where for it and people look at me like I am crazy. :hissyfit:

    I would love to see this movie again. If you anyone has ever heard of it or know of some type of website that I could possibly look for it, that would be great. Plus, I would just like to know if anyone else has ever heard of this movie.

    I don’t even remember the actors in the movie. It must have been low budget but I thought that it was great.


  37. 37
    Julie Leto says:

    Tina, I did not see the movie, but here’s a link to the information about it so you know you and your sister aren’t imagining it!

    The IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) is my go-to site for movies. There’s even a movie trailer for this film!

  38. 38
    Jodie says:

    Tina – I’ve never heard of it but go to:
    and it will give you all the information you could want about it. Even run time (lol). It came out in 1975, btw.

    I love the imdb website because it has information on every movie ever made (at least my son and I have never searchd a movie and it not be listed there). Enjoy the memories…

  39. 39
    Jodie says:

    uhhhh…ok, I guess great minds think alike. Julie you must have been typing while I was searching. :happy2:

  40. 40
    Leslie says:

    Three cheers for IMDB!! Love that site!

  41. 41
    Julie Leto says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time our great minds were synchronized, Jodie!

  42. 42
    Tina says:

    ok I don’t care if its a frock coat or a duster its still very hot :devil: and when Val Kilmer says, “I’ll be your huckleberry.” I quiver every time…:happy2:

  43. 43
    Tina Byrd says:

    Julie & Jodi,

    Thank You sooo much!!!

    Now I actually have prove to show to my husband and he will no longer think that I’m crazy. :party:

    I love listening to the sound track. It took me back to when I was 13 again.

    This site went under my favorites. Thanks for turning me on to it.

  44. 44
    Patricia W says:

    We’re big on blockbusters too but we NEVER go opening weekend. Doesn’t bother me to hear others talk. I tell them I haven’t seen it yet and if they need to continue, I walk away or block it out. But I can’t stand being in a crowded movie theater. My enjoyment level goes way up a couple of weeks later when it’s still fairly fresh and I can watch it with a bit of elbow room. We do most of our theatre going during the summer. It’s part of how we enjoy the season, and escape from the hot weather!

  45. 45
    Celise says:

    All the ones you mentioned I want to see as well. And yes, I’m the same about must-stop movies. In particular, “The Fifth Element” with Bruce Willis and a hilarious Chris Tucker. Also all the Bourne movies, “Romancing the Stone”, “Jewel of the Nile”, Raiders (but only the first one) and ANY JAMES BOND MOVIE WITH PIERCE OR SEAN. I pretty much don’t move from the couch when there’s a Bond marathon on.

  46. 46

    […] The summer blockbuster! | Plot Monkeys – Ditto with all the Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings movies. Not quite to what is generally credited as the very first summer blockbuster that was Jaws. And I was not allowed to see it. […]

  47. 47

    how to treat backpain…

    […]The summer blockbuster! | Plot Monkeys[…]…

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