I put the Fan in Fanatical

Posted by at Mar 29, 2007 6:00 am

Today in my inbox, I found a message from Borders that promised me a first look at the new cover for the 7th Harry Potter book, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. If you haven’t seen it…now you have!

To be honest, I was underwhelmed. I immediately jogged over to my favorite Harry Potter website, mugglenet.com, so I could see the picture close up. And, as I suspected, there wasn’t anything to see! I want clues! I want hints! I want some snippet of visual information to satiate my thirst for all things Harry Potter until July 21st when the book is officially out.

It’s sort of crazy. I mean, it’s a kid’s book, right?

Ah, who am I to care about such things?

For better photos, see the UK edition covers. I like them MUCH better.

But it did get me thinking…(a dangerous thing in and of itself)…

What do YOU get excited about?

After nearly a year of this blog, I think most of you know that I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. I have been my whole life, so I can tell very interesting stories about how I managed to see the first movie over 100 times in the theater, how I skipped school to see the very first showing of Return of the Jedi and how I managed to get a kiss from Luke Skywalker when I was in college. (Okay, it was Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, but let’s not get into semantics.)

I’ve spent a good portion of my life getting excited about this series, reading all the interviews with George Lucas, watching television specials and remembering that I was watching one of the Star Wars movies win either a Golden Globe or a People’s Choice Award the night my grandmother died. I have 10th anniversary t-shirts and hats.

So in addition to Harry Potter, I’m a Star Wars fanatic. I’m starting to get the same way about HEROES.

I also have a really weird thing about tulips. I love love love tulips and their window of opportunity is darned small. This year, I decided that in addition to going to Chicago the first weekend of May so that I can see all the bulbs in bloom (although with this mild winter, we might miss them), I’ve bought myself one bouquet a week for the last two weeks and I will continue to do so until I can’t find them in the stores anymore.

So there you have it–I get excited about Harry Potter, Star Wars and tulips. Fanatical, even.

What gets you all fanatical?

I mean…besides the Plotmonkeys books, LOL! :happy2:


Here are the winners (randomly drawned) from yesterday’s giveaway for the BAD BOYS WITH RED ROSES Advanced Reading Copy. Be sure to contact Janelle at janelledenison@sbcglobal.net with your mailing address:

Stacy #2
Vicki #11
Claudia #35
Patricia #42
Rosie G. #80


49 thoughts on “I put the Fan in Fanatical

  1. 1
    Stacy ~ says:

    :cheer: Yay, I’m so excited I won! Thanx Janelle! Congrats to the other winners as well. :)

    I have 4 of the HP books, but as of yet, haven’t read them. But I totally get the fan-atical thing. I am that way about JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series – gosh I CANNOT wait for V’s story – and Brockmann’s Team 16 SEALs. SB is the only author who’s books I will buy in hc and will actually go on my lunch hour to buy on release day.

    But there are other moments. Many of them. For example, I must have gone to the theatre 3 times, by myself, in one week, to see “King Arthur” with Clive Owen. Not a classic, or the best movie ever, but it affected me enough to want to see it again and again. So yeah, I totally get that.

  2. 2
    Rosie G. says:

    Wow, am so happy – thanks so much Janelle – am sending mailing info.

    I am not into HP books or the like but am fanatical about getting my fav authors books – yours included. I absolutely Love the Wilde books.

    Conrats to the other winners! And thank you again.

  3. 3

    Julie, you need to check out http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/ too! Great site for all things Potter. Like you, I was underwhelmed with the American cover and much preferred the children’s UK edition. I did notice on the American cover that Harry seems to be wearing the locket, and those curtains next to LV and then next to Harry, for whatever reason, put me in mind of the Veil. Arthur Levine claiming he “sobbed” while reading the book makes me a little nervous about who won’t make it through til the end of the series. :cry:

  4. 4
    Julie Leto says:

    Yeah, Rhonda…I agree. I cried enough during HBP and don’t get me started on the waterworks at the end of GOF! Have you read the prediction book yet? I’m half way through. Fascinating stuff. I didn’t notice the Veil…I can only hope there will be some closure in terms of Sirius. I’m not a big Leaky fan…the rolling eyes on Harry in the header creeps me out. :happy2:

    In terms of romance series, I’ve never gotten quite so fanatical…except over Julie Kenner’s CARPE DEMON series. Has anyone read it? No one writes fast-paced, rip-roaring fun the way JK does. They aren’t technically romances, but she has enough relationships to keep this romance reader very happy.

    I’m also a devotee of all things JD Robb, but I started the series late and I’ve never caught up. I’m about 10 books behind, so I can’t get excited when a new one comes out. If I ever finish my own books with time to spare, I’m going to glom all the missing ones and finally catch up! Maybet that will be my summer project.

  5. 5
    Kelly F. says:

    I am fanatical about music….concerts and CD’s to be exact. If my favorite artist is touring in the area then I “HAVE” to go. LOL! I have seen a lot of groups, Ricky Martin, Sugar Ray, David Lee Roth, Poison, Aerosmith, No Doubt, Lenny Kravitz, Pink, Janet Jackson, Bare Naked Ladies, Ozzy Osbourne, Duran Duran, The Goo Goo Dolls & Bon Jovi gosh…there are so many more. But you get the gist of it. I am also fanatical about certain authors books. Like someone else mentioned I am out the day a Suzanne Brockmann book is released. And I have been known to score books from the plotmonkeys a day or two before it comes out as well. I think there is something wrong because I have this insane need to be first. Maybe it is because I am the oldest of 5 kids and always had to share. :hide:

  6. 6
    Liza says:

    I’m a total fanatic about the HP series. I’ve read them all at least twice and plan to re-read the frist 6 at the first of July to get ready for 7. I’m not a big fan of the US cover, but I too like the UK cover….but they have gotten better covers for all the books. I’m almost finished with the mugglenet.com book and I agree with some of the ideas and hope there is some closure with certain people. I missed that Harry is wearing the locket, and I really am not ready to cry as much as I did in HPB and OOTP. I really hope JKR ends the book with a happy ending. I too am a huge Star Wars fan (originals not the new ones) and have been since seeing Star Wars for the first time at the drive-in in grade school. Other than plotmonkey books and HP, I’m totally hooked on JD Robb. I’ve read all of them and most of them twice(may be why my tbr pile is so high).

  7. 7
    Jolene Fehr says:

    hmm fanatic.. i love pets.. dogs to be exact.. I have 2 right now and 2 cats, and i am trying to convince hubby to get me a 3rd dog. I want a shitzu..hes holding out saying i have enough.. i do emergency foster and evaluation for our local humane society and love that job too.. I am their nursery home, so when something comes in pregnant or with babys, im their home to raise them to 8 weeks…I LOVE IT…
    congrats to all the winners…
    If you love tulips you need to come to Iowa to the Pella Tulip Festival..it will be coming up any time.. Its awesome..

  8. 8
    Julie Leto says:

    Kelly, I totally left out my obsession with the rock group, Styx. Got a kiss from Tommy Shaw, too. I’m such a bad girl sometimes. But I’m sure I blogged that story sometime over the last year!

    Liza, we could be twins!

    Jolene, the festival sounds wonderful! If you go, take pictures. Tulips simply don’t grow in Florida…well, they do, but they only last for two days and you have to dig up the bulbs and freeze them and replant them the next year! Uh, too much trouble when I can just pick up a bouquet at the grocery store!

  9. 9
    Carly says:

    I am fanatic about dogs. I stop people on the streets, I look the breeds up online. I love dog shows. I am also a fanatic about stuffed rabbits. Seriously.

  10. 10

    Julie, the moving eyes on Leaky are a bit unnerving. :-)

    As for other obsessions–I’m obsessed with Lost. Have to watch that show. I lock myself in my room and don’t let anyone come in until it’s over. The Stephanie Plum books–love, love, love them. All things Loretta Chase, Marsha Canham and Susan Carroll.

    Then of course there is the teeny addiction to Diet Mt. Dew. :-)

  11. 11
    Kelly R. says:

    I love tulips, too. My grandmother’s tulips and lily of the valley would bloom every year in the spring and I loved them — one thing I totally miss here in Florida (bulbed plants don’t really work here). But here’s a question…how do you get them to stand up straight in the vase? A woman I bought some tulips from at a farmer’s market told me to put a penny at the bottom of the vase, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe because I had these marble things at the bottom of the vase to make it all look pretty…? If you know the answer, inquiring minds would love to know.

  12. 12
    badbarb says:

    I love the JD Robb books, I was lucky enough to have started reading them when there was only about 8 so I was able to read all of them in a 2 week period. I run to the store as soon as they open up.

    I also am a fanatic for American Idol (still can’t believe Sanjaya is still there), I change my availability at Penneys just so I can watch it.

    As for for celebrities I would have to say I am definitely a Clay Aiken fan. I have seen him 3 times so far, and want to see him again.

  13. 13
    Carly says:

    Oh Rhonda reminded me (don’t know how) I’m ALIAS obsessed, Still.

  14. 14
    Julie Leto says:

    Kelly, mine are standing up straight, but they don’t when you first put them in the vase. I cut a diagonal 1″ piece off the bottom of each stem, then put them in cold water. They droop, but by the next morning, they are standing at attention. I didn’t know you had to do something special!

  15. 15
    katie says:

    I go fanatical over Madame Alexander dolls. Hubby doesn’t understand it. I am not sure I understand it, but it is true.

  16. 16
    Liza says:

    Well, I do love tulips too. I hope they are in bloom in Chicago in a couple of weeks when I go visit my friends.

  17. 17
    Emily says:

    I dont get crazy about much. I used to when I was a teen and was love struck with every hot celeb I could lay my eyes on. Okay, so I’ll admit I would still swoon for Wentworth Miller, Orlando Bloom, Jake Jillenhal, Jensen Akles…this is just to name a few. BUT, I keep that on the down low and just watch their shows or movies to fulfill my need to see them every week.

    HOWEVER, when it comes to my romance novels…I’m a beast at the books stores. LOOK OUT!! I’ll kill for a book if I want it bad enough. I sit around and wait for the release of books and when those babies come out I’m already on my way to the delivery room waiting to snach up my own copy. I’ve recently discovered Lori Foster and have gone mad for her books. She released a series for a second time (hudson series) and I’m glad to say I love the new covers. So anywho I read the 4 books and got to the last one only to discover she has left me hanging and I MUST get the book that is connected to this series (son of one of the main characters has a book as well). OH MAN, I NEED that book. So I hurry to get online and find the books since I have not seen in the bookstores, only to discover it was released in 2002 and is probably not being printed anymore because the cheapest I could find the book was $48 used. First of all, I dont do used book, I like them to be all my own and in mint condition when I first open it and the only none used one I could find is $70. NOOOOOO!! I sat for about 20 minutes considering to fork out the money and get it.

    All and all, I love romance novels and would probably wind up one day killing for one (okay maybe not THAT extreme, but get in my way of the last book and I might have to hold a smack down right there in the book store).

  18. 18
    Debbie says:

    Wow! I must say some of you ladies are pretty fanatical. I can’t say that I am all that crazy over much of any one thing. I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago becasue my sisters all have these huge collections of different things and I don’t. :cry:So, I was wondering what was the difference in us. 8O

    I do love:love2: the Stephanie Plum series and one week post-op went to a book signing and waited for hours in a wheelchair for my up-close meeting with the author. (dummy me forgot a camera)

    I must admit if I don’t visit Plotmonkeys every day I have some serious issues.:cursing:

    I wish I had the passion for one thing like that. (besides my kiddos) The only close thing I had was dreamsicles, but they are expensive and hard to find.

    Congrats winners–you lucky FANatics. Have a great day!

  19. 19
    Carly says:

    PATRICIA A. – can you please email me at: carlyphillips@optonline.net I have a quick question!
    Thanks ….

  20. 20
    Tina Martinesi says:

    LOL Emily….I could have written that blog. I am a book junky. I love finding new authors and then I have to have all their books, although unlike you, I have no problem buying used as long as its in good condition.

  21. 21
    Mary says:

    I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, Friends. I am also really into Scrapbooking and can’t go into a scrapbook store without spending at least 30 dollars. The other thing that gets me excited and can’t wait for, is Carly Phillips new books. I love all the Plotmonkey’s books, but I especially love Carly’s ever since The Bachelor came out.

  22. 22
    Carol R says:

    After 30 years, I still have a thing for Donny Osmond. I can’t explain it but it just won’t go away. I’ve seen him several times in concert but I’ve never had the chance to meet him. But he still makes me sigh and giggle like a school girl. :love:

  23. 23
    Jolene Fehr says:

    here are a couple websites about the tulip festival.. some great pics too..
    the town is nothing but tulips everywhere you look.. mine are just poking out of the ground this week…

  24. 24
  25. 25
    Leslie says:

    Well, as I wrote earlier this week, I’m a Broadway nut…lol! I’ve been fortunate enough to see probably 2 dozen shows over the past 20 years, most with the original cast, and as soon as I hear about one that sounds interesting, I start planning a way to get to NYC to see it. Then I listen to the c.d. until my hubby wants to break it in half. (Spring Awakening this week…lol!)

    I am also a big Heroes fan and, like Julie, could become obsessed!

    Rhonda–Lost had been losing me up until last night’s episode. WOW. I LOVED it!!! What a cool, cool show, especially since I had been wondering why the heck stupid Paolo and whatsherface were showing up all the time lately!

  26. 26
    Erica Ridley says:

    I got that email from Borders, too, and was equally underwhelmed. You’re right–no clues whatsoever. Curses!

    I spent a moment thinking about what I’m fanatical about and was shocked that I had to think about it. I guess I’m not fanatical about much! I *like* lots of things, of course, but fanatical? Maybe I”m too ADD. =)

    If I’m fanatical about anything, though, it’s travel. I’d give up pretty much anything if I was exchanging it for an *experience*. I have no disposable income because any spare change I come across gets spent on airfare and train tickets. =)

    Well, and I’m also addicted to the Internet, if that counts. Blogs, chat, Google, you name it. When I have to be away from the ‘net for too long, I break out in hives. g*

  27. 27
    Missy says:

    Have you heard about the new Star Wars Stamps? I go on sale in (I think) May.

    I love Harry Potter! Don’t know if I qualify as a fanatic though.

  28. 28
    Patty L. says:

    Julie: I am the same way about tulips. I absolutely adore them. I get a bunch everyweek during the on season and I actually planted some this year in my yard so that I could see them for as long as possible. I got married on July 23, and of course tulips are not in season, but I had some flown in from Holland, did I mention that I was very poor at the time. It cost a pretty penny, but I could not get married without my tulips. My husband has some sent to me every year on our anniversary. I am fanatical about tulips. I also go crazy over books, any books, all books. LOVE THEM.:cheer:

  29. 29
    Robin says:

    It’s been fun reading about what everyone is fanatical about – I have to say really the only thing that I’m fanatical about is reading. Once I start a book – especially romance – I’ve got to finish it right away. I can’t put it down. I’ll stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning reading. Recently I started reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books and they are terrific! I highly recommend them – there’s just a touch of romance to keep me wanting more beyond the main story line. And there’s also a Dresden Files TV show now on FX that is awesome – I can’t miss it. And I’ve visited the FX website to find out all I can about the show – yep, I’m a little crazy about it at the moment. I’ve also read all the Harry Potter books and am anxious for the last one. I’m a little worried though – I always want a happy ending and I’m afriad this last installment might not end the way I want.

  30. 30
    Vicki says:

    I love Hero’s!!! There are other shows that I love as well but Hero’s is my cannot miss it show. I get amazed everytime I watch it at the writer’s for the show.

    Okay, to name a few things: music, pretty much any kind, broadway shows, acting (as me doing it), reading my fav authors (not much time to do it but I love it), the beach, just sitting and listening to the sound of the water hitting the shore.

    I know there’s more but I’ll not bore you ;)

  31. 31
    jeannie says:

    Congratulations to erveryone.

  32. 32
    jeannie says:

    Julie I saw some really beautiful tulip plants at Wally world. I share your love of flowers. The crocus are just bloomng here. Shorter but similar.
    I also share your craving for everything Harry. I started by buying them for my grand who at the time was very young. I decided to read them and make sure there wasn’t anything that would upset her Mom if I gave them to her and I was hooked. I am totally hooked on my 12 favorite authors, all romance of course. I go no where without a book. I know all the release dates of my favorite too. I have them marker on my work calendar. I could indeed have worse habits. Have a great day everyone.

  33. 33
    Jodie says:

    I guess I’m like a lot of you – books are my thing. I seriously have issues going into the bookstore. I went yesterday to get the incredibly boring and difficult to understand “brain” book that I had to order last week and couldn’t – no matter how much I chastised myself and swore not to – couldn’t stay away from the romance/mystery section. I actually think it surpasses “fanatical” and has moved to “obsession.”

    Keith Urban would be my other thing. Gotta have the new CDs the second they come out. Thank goodness for iTunes because now I don’t have to wait for the store to open, they’re waiting for me at 6:00 when I wake up.

    The other thing I could get really fanatical about is the idea of sleeping for about 24 hours. :zzz: That’s probably just a fantasy that will never, ever happen but boy does it sound like the perfect fantasy at this moment.

    Congrats to all the winners from yesterday!!!

  34. 34
    Donna M says:

    Julie, an interesting topic! My reading/book habit would be one thing & my favorite TV shows of which there are many!!! I really hate missing any of them. My grandkids are at the top of my list & my daughters. :love2: I’m not really obsessed but I try to make it a point not to miss my favorites shows or to buy a book when one of my favorite authors comes out with a new one. Next month I’m going to my daughters so I can see my youngest grandson play Pinocchio & I got to thinking the other day I may miss some of my favorite shows while I’m gone—horrors!! Hopefully most of them will be showing repeats!! My daughter & her family don’t watch the same things I do–oh well, such is life! So far I have never read a Harry Potter book but I now have the first one to read & see if I want to continue on with the series. :)

  35. 35
    Jill says:

    I am the same way about our beloved Harry. And cookies. And anything chocolate … But mostly Harry.

  36. 36
    Leslie says:

    Ha–Jill, you forgot to mention your # 1 obsession…Girl Scout Cookies!!!! :lol:

  37. 37
    Dayle says:

    I love Garfield and because of that I’m pretty sure eBay and PayPal love me. :happy2: (4 garbage bags of stuffies and still collecting! This week saw the purchase of the coveted Garfield phone, collector plates, and pendulum clock) :coffee:

    I also collect cat cookie jars. Again, the eBay/PayPal comment applies. I’ve lost count as some are still packed away since our last (and hopefully final) move last winter. There’s 10 in my china cabinet (and no china lol) 9 in my office, 1 in the spare room, 1 “in the mail” and likely another 10-15 in storage.

    Of course the Librarian in me loves to collect books and everything MUST be shelved in alphabetical order (by author, then by title) Of course hubby would prefer that I sort everything by release date :biteme:

    Love Prison Break! Wentworth Millar’s eyes are so to die for! While my husband admires the Fox news lady, I’m anxiously waiting for next Monday and more “Michael.”

    Leslie – yes, that episode of Lost helped to explain who the newbies were. Do you think she’ll get out of the sand grave? Guess that goes with the “person” blog the other day – make sure the person is dead before you call your person to help bury the body. :happy2:

    Janelle – hubby and I loved the comment about the cat jumping on your desk. We have two cats and you described them perfectly. Gotta love that :wtf: look on their faces as the landing strip (aka the desk) comes crashing down on them. And the Sanjaya comment – priceless! I can see the “My Little Pony” resemblance. :thumbsup:

  38. 38
    Dayle says:

    My supplier tells me that there are two Harry Potter covers to choose from (in Canada anyhow) The adult and the juvenile covers. Of course, now I have to go check the freakin shelves to figure out which versions the rest of the set are :roll:

  39. 39
    Lynn Matherly says:

    My kids are fanatical about the Harry Potter books/movies. So, they are really looking forward to the month of July – a movie and a book!

    I am fanatical about romance novels as well. I also have to have my Heroes!! Yeah – April 23 – Hurry up! I’m this way about CSI and Medium, too. The Closer is my summer must see. I’ve also discovered I’m pretty fanatical about checking this blog everyday :wave:

    The flower I’m fanatic about is the Iris. My favorite is a beautiful purple one that grows in my yard – edged in white with a ruffle. It is so pretty. I take pictures of the best of them every year. The yellow ones in my back yard came from stock that belonged to my grandmother. I move them with me, so they are sentimental.

  40. 40
    Diana says:

    Julie, here’s more info about the upcoming Star Wars stamps:


  41. 41
    Leslie says:

    :happy2: Dayle…definitely make sure the bodies are dead when you bury them!

    And no, I don’t think they’ll live. It was very “Tales from the Crypt’ish” or “Twilight Zone”ish, don’t you think? Wicked young lovers murder a kindly elderly man for his money…and end up buried alive.

    Loved it!

  42. 42
    Yolanda says:

    NKOTB – together and solo (It’s OK to laugh), Mark Walhberg, Grey’s Anatomy and books I’ve been waiting to come out. More to add to the never ending TBR pile …

  43. 43
    Julie Leto says:

    Thanks for the info on the stamps! I just read an article today…I hope we get a box that looks like R2D2.

  44. 44
    ev says:

    Did you check out the Borders email link that also shows the back of the cover with Valdemort? When it is opened up there is more to it than just harry.

    This will be the one book that we can’t borrow from the store before the release date, although I am trying to bargin my way into reading it on my lunch hours. Or at the very least find out who dies.

    Julie- I love the Carpe Demon Series. I have the newest one but haven’t gotten to it yet.

  45. 45
    Julie Leto says:

    ev, I’ll find out who dies ten seconds after I get my book. I always read the end first!

    Which Carpe Demon do you have…not the NEW, new one? DEMONS ARE FOREVER? That doesn’t come out until July!

  46. 46
    MsHellion says:

    I’m uber-fanatical about Harry. And about Pirates of the Caribbean…AND about the Stephanie Plum series (actually I’m just fanatical about Ranger…) I obsess easily, apparently.

    Harry better not die in the book. Anyone but Harry.

  47. 47
    Julie Leto says:

    Ms.Hellion, I totally agree. I think killing Harry would be devastating, even if it is an interesting literary choice. But I want the series to end with a sense of hope and I don’t think that’s possible if Harry dies.

  48. 48
    Celise says:

    I’m fanatical about Smallville, Supernatural, Bones, Heroes, James Bond movies (Sean and Pierce ONLY…I bought Casino Royale and have now seen it twice, but I’m not sure about Daniel Craig yet.)….and adult series romance books.

    Since your a Star Wars fan, you might like to check out these two websites:

    http://www.maulrat.org – this is my husbands website.

  49. 49
    NASNYA says:

    Supernatural the best. I tink this is very ineresting film!!!!

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